2021 Activities

25-26 January 2021 | Central Office

28 January 2021 | Field Offices

The Cascading Framework is one of the key elements of the PGS. Cascading is the alignment of lower-level units to the organizational strategy. This requires the formulation of their respective Strategic Contributions supported by a readiness test especially for the Central Office OBS and presentation to and vetting by the EXECOM officers.

11 January 2021

Capacitating Session on Risk Management with OSM, FMS-MD and IAS

February to April 2021

Risk Maturity Control Self-Assessment

DSWD is tasked to come up with a Control Self-Assessment and Risk Management Framework. To facilitate the process, DSWD assigned the Management Services and the OSM as the ad hoc units responsible for risk management. As such, they will coordinate with the different operational units and facilitate in the reproduction and review of the outputs.