Recalibrated DSWD Strategy

Administrative Order No. 18, Series of 2020

Updated 03 August 2021

Why the Recalibrated DSWD Strategy?

Given the new context, i.e. Pandemic, Mandanas Ruling and approved NEP, the strategy review was conducted considering the impact of pandemic, status of the current strategy and the continue-stop-start retrospective. These new context requires the DSWD to review its current strategy to become responsive and relevant to its mandate. Gauging the impact of pandemic was crucial because of its implications on the Department’s operations and on the status of implementation of the current strategy. Starting March 2020, the DSWD was directed to lead the SAP implementation which brought pressures to the Department. On top of this, the Department is still implementing the 4Ps, and other DSWD programs (such as AICS, Social Pension, among others). The DSWD also assisted in the repatriation of undocumented children from Malaysia and Middle East. Likewise, with the Supreme Court Ruling, full implementation is expected in CY 2022, thus CY 2021 will serve as preparation of the Department to operate in the context of Mandanas Ruling.

A strategy review was conducted in CY 2020. The review showed that 93.5% of the Department's strategic targets remains undelivered. It also showed that among the eight (8) strategic roadmaps, the Human and Organizational Capital Roadmap, having the most number of strategic contributions, also showed the highest number of undelivered commitments. These were attributed to the pending ISO certification that the Offices, Bureaus, and Services were tasked to deliver.

Meanwhile, the Technical Assistance and Resource Augmentation (TARA) Roadmap showed the least number of delivered strategic contributions being the hardest hit commitment by the COVID-19 pandemic due to the quarantine restrictions, adjustment of government work productivity into virtual and collaboration platforms, and heightened risk of infection and other occupational safety concerns of DSWD personnel.

The strategy review directed the management to adopt the “strategy recalibration” as a form strategy design. This means that the Department maintains its strategic focus and roadmap deliverables indicated in AO 5, s. 2020 but with new timelines of delivery. Hence, from the DSWD Strategy's original timeline of 2020-2022, it was moved to 2022-2024.

The said strategy design warranted a "detour" means of strategy implementation, to which the DSWD SULONG Recovery Plan 2021-2022 was crafted. This serves as the DSWD's interim strategy for CY 2021-2022 before it goes forward to its recalibrated DSWD Strategy 2028.

With this, the Department must ensure that it achieves its targets under the DSWD SULONG Recovery Plan 2021-2022 as its national contribution in mitigating the socio-economic effects of the pandemic to its clients, preparing for the full implementation of the Mandanas-Garcia Supreme Court ruling, improving its processes, and upholding the welfare of its employees.

Recalibrated Roadmap Deliverables 2022-2024

As the Department went on its PGS journey, it encountered bumps, potholes, sharp turns, and even slow-downs because of the environmental and organizational challenges brought by the pandemic. The Core Roadmap may no longer be in its prime condition to travel with the situation on the road while the Support Roadmap or the way we intended to do things, will have to be adjusted in order for us to continue. Thus, for the Department to be able to achieve the targets indicated in CY 2024, the following are the recalibrated roadmap deliverables for the eight (8) roadmaps stipulated in AO 5. Each roadmap has corresponding objectives and measures that need to be achieved through the delivery of the roadmap deliverables starting 2022 to 2024.

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Recalibrated Governance Scorecards 2022-2024

Below is the DSWD recalibrated governance scorecard for CY 2022-2024 consisting of eight (8) objectives and twelve (12) measures. These objectives and measures including baseline and targets remain the same as stipulated in AO 5 while the timeline of delivery has been adjusted to 2022 to 2024. Through the same measures, the Department will ensure excellence in both processes and the whole organization. Specifically, the measures for the core processes will strengthen the steering functions of the Department, particularly CY 2022 will be the start of full implementation of Mandanas Ruling.

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