Puso at Galing

sa Serbisyo

Serbisyong Galing sa Puso

The DSWD adopted the Performance Governance System (PGS) Pathway in pursuit of continued excellence as it relentlessly realize its vision, fulfill its mandate, and exemplify an improved quality of governance through its core valuesMaagap at Mapagkalingang Serbisyo; Serbisyong Walang Puwang sa Katiwalian; at Patas na Pagtrato sa Komunidad. With a long-term goal, the DSWD along the PGS Pathways, aims to succeed in improving its service to the public with its Strategy Journey:

"Puso at Galing sa Serbisyo,

Serbisyong Galing sa Puso"

The Strategy Map is the visual representation of the Department's Strategy. It shows how the organization intends to realize its vision and implement its mission that is founded on its core values. In order to do this, it must ensure that its Strategic Focus or position leads to a valuable contribution to the national government's poverty reduction efforts, also known as the agency's organizational outcomes. Reaching its Strategic Focus requires delivering its Core Process Roadmaps. These contain the Major Final Outputs of the Department that outline the goods and services for its clients. To make it possible, it also contains the Support Process Roadmaps which entails organizational transformation and improvements, to ensure that the outputs delivered lead to reform and breakthroughs.

Refreshed Strategy Design

Following the Strategy Review in December 2021, Strategy Refresh sessions with the management were conducted to produce a refreshed strategy that is responsive to the new context in pursuit of the DSWD mandate. This means, a refinement of strategic position and roadmaps in order to produce the intended breakthroughs.

The Strategic Focus on the steering (enabling role) and rowing (implementing role) of the Department remained, but with a new position along disaster management. It primarily aims for an improved disaster response capability of the DSWD.

This development paved way for the Disaster Management Roadmap as additional Core Process Roadmap which carries both the steering and rowing mandate of the Department.

Posted 08 January 2021 | Updated 29 March 2022

"Everyone is a Governance Warrior". The Secretary addressing the DSWD PGS Focals on its 2021 Cascading Session. This is anchored to the Department's interim strategy - the DSWD SULONG Recovery Plan 2021-2022.

Strategy Journey

Posted 16 December 2021

Read the Strategy Journey of the "Angels in Red Vest" as Governance Warriors to improving its service to the public with integrity and accountability. Know how the DSWD made a comeback with its PGS Pathway certification and exemplified emerging breakthroughs through its governance mechanisms with the OSM at the helm.

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The Office for Strategy Management (OSM) is primarily responsible in devising, integrating, and coordinating all processes related to governance, strategy development, strategy execution, strategy monitoring and evaluation, and strategic communication to ensure effective implementation of the organization’s strategic plan. Learn more about the OSM by clicking here.

Posted 09 July 2021 | Updated 14 July 2022

OSM garners highest rating to date for CY 2022

From 4.43 (out of 5.00) in CY 2021, the OSM proves that its technical assistance support answers to the needs of customers. In its latest client satisfaction measurement report, the OSM garnered its highest rating to date with a rating of 4.99 out of 5.00. All service areas namely reliability and quality; access and facilities; courtesy and clarity; cost effectiveness; integrity; assurance; and outcome indicated outstanding ratings of 5.00. On the other hand, OSM scored 4.90 on the area of promptness and responsiveness.

Maximizing the use of technology and the quality of information provided by the OSM are crucial factors for its customers. This is also the approach being maintained by the OSM in engaging its customers. Know more about the Client Satisfaction Rating of the OSM by clicking here.


Posted 31 March 2022

2nd PGS Focal Meeting & Benchmarking Session

23 May 2022

08:30 AM - 12:30 PM

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Posted 01 February 2022 | Updated 16 March 2022

2nd PGS Core Team Meeting

31 March 2022

01:30 PM - 03:30 PM

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Posted 01 February 2022 | Updated 11 February 2022

1st PGS Core Team Meeting

02 February 2022

10:00 - 11:30 AM

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Approved CY 2022 Strategic Contributions

DSWD awards the Multi-Sectoral Governance Council for role in PGS journey

Posted 07 June 2022

Department Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) Secretary Rolando Joselito D. Bautista awarded the Multi-Sector Governance Council (MSGC) members with plaques of recognition for their exemplary contribution to the successful Performance Governance System (PGS) Journey of the Department.

In a simple ceremony, DSWD Secretary Rolando Joselito D. Bautista presented the plaques of appreciation to Dr. Maria Fe V. Mendoza of the University of the Philippines-National College for Public Administration and Governance (UP-NCPAG), Director Rommel V. Fuerte of the World Vision; and Leonard Chesire Disability Philippines Foundation Incorporated.

He also extended his gratitude to Undersecretary Rolando Toledo of the Department of Budget and Management, Assistant Secretary Rosque Calacat of the Department of Interior of Local government, Director Joeven Reyes of Sulong Peace Incorporated, President Mercy Abad of Ahon sa Hirap Incorporated, Dr. Jasmin Nario-Galace of Miriam College, and Director Ana Maria Locsin of Plan International Philippines.

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DSWD supports BJMP’s organizational transformation goal, shares breakthroughs in strategy management

Posted 07 June 2022

The Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) pledged its support as mentor to the Bureau of Jail Management and Penology (BJMP) in the accomplishment of its Performance Governance System (PGS) Pathway goals or its Journey for Advancement, Innovation and Long-term Development Plan 2040 (J.A.I.L. Plan 2040).

DSWD’s Office of Strategy Management (OSM) Director Jam Karess Z. Banzon, on behalf of the Department, made a pledge of commitment to the Office for Strategy Management (OSM) Chief, Director Allan Iral, BJMP Head of Center for Jail Excellence and Strategy Management (CJESM). Under the pledge, the Department will coach and provide technical assistance to help BJMP succeed in their PGS journey.

Pursuant to their goal, the BJMP’s CJESM held its 1st benchmarking session via online platform with the DSWD invited as a primary resource person to discuss its strategic positioning; aligning of its mechanisms; cascading of its strategy to operating units; and achieving emerging breakthroughs along the Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program implementation, among others.

Read more of this story here. 2022

DSWD caps 71st year anniversary celebration with awards on quality service

Posted 03 March 2022 | Updated 14 March 2022

The Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) will be presented with the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 9001:2015 Certification for its Quality Management System (QMS) and the Silver Trailblazer Award for its Performance Governance Scorecard (PGS) journey during the culminating activity of the Department’s 71st year founding anniversary on February 28.

Through the PGS and with the guidance of the Multisector Governance Council (MSGC) and the Institute for Solidarity in Asia (ISA), the Department was able to increase the number of self-sufficient Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program (4Ps) households from 300,000 in 2019 to more than 800,000. Furthermore, the Department’s centers and residential care facilities (CRCFs) with Center of Excellence Status also increased from 14 to 30.

The awards summarize the Department’s continuous pursuit for quality public service delivery. Under the leadership of Secretary Rolando Joselito D. Bautista, the Department revived the PGS, which is a holistic and collaborative framework for designing, executing, monitoring, and sustaining roadmaps to reforms in the Department to improve the delivery of its services.

Read the full story here.

DSWD shares transformative journey as PGS Mover

Posted 16 March 2022

Adjudged as an institution belonging to the Performance Governance System (PGS) Movers, the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) PGS journey was featured in the 25th Governance Boot Camp Basic Class recently organized by the Institute for Solidarity in Asia (ISA), Inc.

During the Boot Camp, the DSWD was welcomed as one of the PGS Movers in strategy management among the institutions which adopted the PGS pathway in its public service delivery. Other PGS Movers in the Boot Camp were the Jose B. Lingad Memorial General Hospital and the Philippine Children’s Medical Center.

As part of the Boot Camp highlights, Director Jam Karess Z. Banzon of the DSWD Office for Strategy Management (OSM), recounted the story of the Department’s transformation focusing on how the Agency executed its strategy. She particularly shared the organizations’ journey towards achieving the Proficiency Level and the conferment of the Silver Trailblazer Award. Read more of this story here.

Posted 16 March 2022

DSWD holds sharing session with Philippine Army for its continuing Performance Governance Scorecard journey

After reaching the Proficiency Level in its Performance Governance Scorecard (PGS) journey, the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) held a sharing session with the Philippine Army (PA) for a benchmarking activity to achieve the Institutionalization Level by 2023.

The PA is one of the few organizations conferred with PGS Institutionalization Stage and awarded with Islands of Good Governance and Palladium Balanced Scorecard Hall of Fame. Read more of this story here.

Posted 16 March 2022

NGAs champion community empowerment through tech and social protection

Three national government agencies, namely the Department of Science and Technology Region XI (DOST XI), Office of the Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process (OPAPP), and Department of Social Welfare and Development, capped the year off on a high note as they presented their strategies and achievements thus far in the governance pathway.

n recognition of their performance, all three agencies successfully passed the Initiation, Compliance, and Proficiency Stage, respectively, during the Institute for Solidarity in Asia’s Public Governance Forum – Online Revalida. They also bagged the Silver (OPAPP and DSWD) and Gold (DOST XI) Trailblazer Awards on top of their conferral.

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Posted 15 March 2022

DSWD celebrates good governance through first SPRINT Champ Awards

The Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) presents the first Early Wins: SPRINT CHAMP AWARD to offices which upheld exemplary governance in the performance of its functions in contribution to the DSWD Strategy.

The Early Wins: SPRINT CHAMP Award aims to recognize the outstanding achievement and performance of DSWD’s offices nationwide which were able to exemplify innovative practices and localize governance mechanisms that influence the achievement of breakthrough results.

It is one of the winning mechanisms established by the Department which helped achieved its Performance Governance System (PGS) Proficiency Certificate and Silver Trailblazer Award in December 2021.

The DSWD Field Office (FO) VII emerged as the first SPRINT CHAMP of the Department. he award was virtually conferred to the DSWD FO VII by DSWD Secretary Rolando Joselito D. Bautista, together with Undersecretary Danilo G. Pamonag as the PGS Core Team Chairperson, and Guest of Honor from the Civil Service Commission, Chairperson Alicia R Bala during the 2021 Program on Awards and Incentives for Service Excellence (PRAISE) Award.

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