2022 Strategy Refresh

December 2021 - February 2022

As the organization was still able to implement the Strategy by progressing its strategic contributions and deliverables, it can now sharpen its Strategic Position and set new Strategic Roadmaps in order to consider what still needs to be done to curb the impact of the pandemic to the organization's overall governance initiative while going back to the previous Strategy performance. This will result in an a new Strategy horizon.

PGS Proficiency Audit & Revalida

September-December 2021

Organizations who wish to be certified as PGS Proficient undergo the Proficiency Evaluation Process, a three-pronged assessment composed of the Pre-Audit, the Third-Party Audit, and the Public Revalida, that seeks to validate the functionality of the identified PGS elements.

The hallmark of PGS Proficiency is the presence of emerging breakthrough results through the support of a fully functional Office for Strategy Management (OSM). With a fully functional OSM at helm, cascading to all units and individuals have been completed and refreshed depending on the performance appraisal cycle of the organization, monitoring and reporting has evolved into more meaningful performance assessments, and the strategy has been embedded to day-to-day operations. As such, accomplishments at the unit level and emerging breakthroughs at the enterprise-level are continuously produced.

2021 DSWD Scorecard Summit


The Scorecard Summit is one of the yearly highlights of the OSM to encourage the sharing of best practices among organizations implementing their own governance program. Similar to the intention of creating a culture that promotes transformation through breakthrough results, the PGS also highlights the value of innovation and determination.

PGS Core Team Meetings


The PGS Core Team is the Department's champion of the strategy. Together with the OSM, they are in charge of crafting the Department's Strategic Focus, Strategy Map, Roadmaps, and Governance Scorecards. As part of their role in ensuring that the strategy is operationalized and monitored, a quarterly meeting is held.

MSGC Meetings


The DSWD's reconstituted the Multi-Sector Governance Council (MSGC) as collegial body whose meetings are presided by a Chair or a Vice-Chair whom the MSGC's members have elected through a majority vote among themselves.

The MSGC shall be invited to participate in the DSWD National Management and Development Conference (NMDC) exercise at least once a year and in other activities of the Department relative to strategy execution and agency/office performance monitoring, as may be deemed necessary.

PGS Focal Meetings


The PGS Focal ensures effective implementation of the PGS by ensuring the alignment of office strategic contributions with support services; link the budget into the strategy; and recommend specific action to be undertaken by their respective heads and/or coach monitors in achieving strategic focus and have breakthrough results. For 2021, monthly PGS focal meetings help cascade the commitments and popularize the DSWD Strategy and the PGS technology in the Department.


The Cascading Framework is one of the key elements of the PGS. Cascading is the alignment of lower-level units to the organizational strategy. This requires the formulation of their respective Strategic Contributions supported by a readiness test especially for the Central Office OBS and presentation to and vetting by the EXECOM officers.