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Benchmarking Report

Posted 07 July 2022

While the DSWD achieved PGS Proficiency, Third Party Audit results by the Institute for Solidarity in Asia (ISA) show that there is a need to strengthen not only its OSM, but also its MSGC. This is needed in order for the Department to sustain its efforts along the Strategy. Further, the MSGC may also be replicated in the

regional offices to widen the external stakeholder support for the DSWD, to help in

the attainment of its strategic position.

The Benchmarking with the Philippine Children's Medical Center and Bureau of Customs - Port of Cebu intends to strengthen the selection, composition, structure and identification of projects of the National MSGC to help contribute to the Department’s breakthrough results and sustain the strategy and the PGS implementation; and to guide the DSWD in localizing its MSGCs at the Field Office level.

This Benchmarking session is not only a response to the recommendations of the Third Party Audit, but also serves as a continuation to the learnings harvested by the Department during its Annual Scorecard Summit with the Bureau of Customs (BoC), particularly on the management of MSGC projects.

Learn more of the gains of this Benchmarking by downloading the full report here.

Strategy Journey

Posted 16 December 2021

Read the Strategy Journey of the "Angels in Red Vest" as Governance Warriors to improving its service to the public with integrity and accountability. Know how the DSWD made a comeback with its PGS Pathway certification and exemplified emerging breakthroughs through its governance mechanisms with the OSM at the helm.

Download the full story here.

Management Report

Posted 18 October 2021

Learning from the first six months of recovery plan implementation based on the series of office-level operations and program-level operations reviews, progress monitoring will focus on the following:

  • Implementation of catch-up plan of BANGUN to speed up the distribution of micro-nutrient feeding supplement to 15,000 children in Bangsamoro areas.

  • Review and possible recalibration of plans related to KALAHI-CIDDS-NCDDP and BALIK PROBINSYA, BAGONG PAGASA PROGRAM.

  • Designing and implementation of the Strategic Performance Assessment approved by PGS Core Team and Leadership Team.

  • Continuous process coaching and orientation about the DSWD PGS Strategy Journey and the PGS Proficiency Evaluation Process.

  • Development of IEC Materials and DSWD Strategy Learning Modules for Personnel.

  • Consolidation and preparation of documentary evidence for the PGS Proficiency Evaluation Process.

Download the full report here.

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