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Updated 10 March 2021

DSWD Strategy Story and PGS Proficiency Audit Activities_20 Aug 2021
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Recalibrated DSWD Strategy 2022-2028 Pres ver Jan 7 2021.pptx
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Strategy Overview

DSWD Strategy Map 2028

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DSWD Strategy Map 2028

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DSWD SULONG Recovery Plan 2021-2022

Reports and Publications

Management Report

Posted 18 October 2021

Learning from the first six months of recovery plan implementation based on the series of office-level operations and program-level operations reviews, progress monitoring will focus on the following:

  • Implementation of catch-up plan of BANGUN to speed up the distribution of micro-nutrient feeding supplement to 15,000 children in Bangsamoro areas.

  • Review and possible recalibration of plans related to KALAHI-CIDDS-NCDDP and BALIK PROBINSYA, BAGONG PAGASA PROGRAM.

  • Designing and implementation of the Strategic Performance Assessment approved by PGS Core Team and Leadership Team.

  • Continuous process coaching and orientation about the DSWD PGS Strategy Journey and the PGS Proficiency Evaluation Process.

  • Development of IEC Materials and DSWD Strategy Learning Modules for Personnel.

  • Consolidation and preparation of documentary evidence for the PGS Proficiency Evaluation Process.

Download the full report here.

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Updated 09 July 2021

All video materials are available at the DSWD Strategy Management YouTube Channel.

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Posted 21 July 2021

Guide Sheet

Posted 01 September 2021

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