Multi-Sector Governance Council

Posted 11 June 2021

The Council

The DSWD's adoption of the PGS Pathway, Strategy Map, and Governance Scorecard, recognizes its intermediaries and partners in helping the agency come up with coordinated efforts in Social Welfare and Development as it aims to continuously earn the high trust rating of its stakeholders and mold them into high performing partners.

The DSWD Multi-Sector Governance Council or the MSGC is a body, comprising of external stakeholders from different sectors (advisers and partners), who monitor the performance of the Department as it progresses on its governance pathway. The MSGC also assists the Department in effectively utilizing its resources and create networks to keep its goals and objectives moving forward.

Both the DSWD and the MSGC are partners in bringing in insights, expertise, network, and influence in rendering advice and jumpstarting substantive working partnerships for the implementation of DSWD's strategic initiatives towards the attainment of its goals.


As partners and advisors of the DSWD in upholding and monitoring the proper implementation of the Department's development programs and projects, the MSGC is its ally in achieving the strategic goals and long-term agency vision.

The Roles and Responsibilities

A. In its Advisory Capacity, the MSGC shall:

  1. Assess the DSWD performance vis-a-vis its strategy change agenda through the review of Scorecard Reports and strategic initiatives employed by the agency in addressing / closing that agency's performance gaps;

  2. Provide feedback and recommendations on strategy execution towards the delivery of breakthrough results and achievement of higher-level outcomes (stakeholders' empowerment and social impact perspectives) through the implementation of strategic initiatives;

B. As the Department's partner, the MSGC shall:

  1. Recommend strategy execution techniques leveraging on the DSWD's new Leadership and considering the agency's being newly re-organized / re-clustered;

  2. Assist and support DSWD in identifying potential avenues for resource generation in order to carry out strategic initiatives;

  3. Identify potential areas from where technical assistance (e.g. through capacity building, resource generation, and knowledge management) may be tapped to facilitate the Department's achievement of its strategic initiatives; and

  4. Serve as communicators of external stakeholders' feedback and perception about the DSWD's programs and projects and as appropriate, also become effective communication channels for promoting DSWD's programs through accurate information dissemination.

DSWD awards the Multi-Sectoral Governance Council for role in PGS journey

Posted 07 June 2022

Department Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) Secretary Rolando Joselito D. Bautista awarded the Multi-Sector Governance Council (MSGC) members with plaques of recognition for their exemplary contribution to the successful Performance Governance System (PGS) Journey of the Department.

In a simple ceremony, DSWD Secretary Rolando Joselito D. Bautista presented the plaques of appreciation to Dr. Maria Fe V. Mendoza of the University of the Philippines-National College for Public Administration and Governance (UP-NCPAG), Director Rommel V. Fuerte of the World Vision; and Leonard Chesire Disability Philippines Foundation Incorporated.

He also extended his gratitude to Undersecretary Rolando Toledo of the Department of Budget and Management, Assistant Secretary Rosque Calacat of the Department of Interior of Local government, Director Joeven Reyes of Sulong Peace Incorporated, President Mercy Abad of Ahon sa Hirap Incorporated, Dr. Jasmin Nario-Galace of Miriam College, and Director Ana Maria Locsin of Plan International Philippines.

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Benchmarking Report

Posted 07 July 2022

While the DSWD achieved PGS Proficiency, Third Party Audit results by the Institute for Solidarity in Asia (ISA) show that there is a need to strengthen not only its OSM, but also its MSGC. This is needed in order for the Department to sustain its efforts along the Strategy. Further, the MSGC may also be replicated in the

regional offices to widen the external stakeholder support for the DSWD, to help in

the attainment of its strategic position.

The Benchmarking with the Philippine Children's Medical Center and Bureau of Customs - Port of Cebu intends to strengthen the selection, composition, structure and identification of projects of the National MSGC to help contribute to the Department’s breakthrough results and sustain the strategy and the PGS implementation; and to guide the DSWD in localizing its MSGCs at the Field Office level.

This Benchmarking session is not only a response to the recommendations of the Third Party Audit, but also serves as a continuation to the learnings harvested by the Department during its Annual Scorecard Summit with the Bureau of Customs (BoC), particularly on the management of MSGC projects.

Learn more of the gains of this Benchmarking by downloading the full report here.

MSGC Action Plan

Posted 11 June 2021

2021 Action Plan