Posted 15 October 2021

"We continue to cultivate and foster meritocracy in public service"

The Social Marketing Service, thru Dir. Irene B. Dumlao delivers her message as she accepts the office Strategic Contributions Performance that is Able to Reach Key Targets (SPARK) Award.

She mentioned that the SMS exerted the much-needed team effort to ensure that its activities and targets are aligned with the directions of the Secretary and with the mandate of the Service to enrich the Department’s relationship with its internal and external stakeholders.

She is proud to explain that this award is also a reflection that when they commit their hearts and minds into a goal, everything else follows. She also cited the strong collaboration they had with the OSM, ICTMS, PDPB, and HRMDS.

Together with SMS, STB is also one of the Central Office-OBS that was able to complete all of its Strategic Contributions ahead of time. Other SPARK Awardees are the 4Ps NPMO, AS, IAS, KC NPMO, PMB, RGMO, SB, and OSM.

Posted 15 October 2021

Teamwork is Strategy made visible

Dir. Arnel B. Garcia, CESO II shares his realizations in his acceptance speech during the special program on the office Strategic Contributions Performance that is Able to Reach Key Targets (SPARK) Award at the 7th PGS Focal Meeting on 15 October 2021.

"I have come to a conclusion that given the various nuances of all regions, regions cannot be compared and compete with one another. The region can only compete with its own regional targets. We raised the bar by coming up with reforms and innovations. In fact, with our limited workforce of 30-50% capacity and the COVID 19 virus hitting our 76 personnel, we were still able to achieve beyond our targets and even go beyond the challenges of disaster operations. "

It is teamwork and interagency collaboration and LGU support coupled with leadership and managerial and operational precision leading to high passion and increased morale of the personnel that made this award possible for DSWD Field Office CAR.

Posted 30 September 2021

DSWD gets multi-sectoral support in delivery of programs, services

The Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) expressed its gratitude to the DSWD Multi-Sector Governance Council (MSGC) for its pledge of commitment to support the Department in its governance journey for a sustained quality public service.

MSGC is a council that consists of different external stakeholders and partners of the Department and is currently under the leadership of newly-elected Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson, Professor Maria Fe V. Mendoza (UP-NCPAG) and Director Rommel V. Fuerte (World Vision, Inc), respectively.

In a recent council meeting, the MSGC and all the member-organizations committed to extend their full support to DSWD until 31 December 2021 to ensure the continuity of the MSGC’s action plan and the smooth implementation of the DSWD’s programs and services. Read more of this story here.

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Posted 30 August 2021

OSM witnesses Personnel commitment during the Central Office Governance Tours

As the OSM helps offices prepare for the PGS Proficiency Audit while assisting them in mainstreaming the Strategy in their daily conversations, the Central Office-OBS showcases their creative efforts to promote the strategy in their respective units.

During the tour, representatives explain their office scoreboards and the status of their strategic contributions. Meanwhile, the OSM coaches them on how to better appreciate their contributions and communicate them in their office.

Among the offices visited were the SLP NPMO, SB, STB, PMS, DRMB, and AS. These offices also show how grateful they are with their PGS focals to help them better appreciate the Strategy and maximize the benefits of adopting the PGS in the Department.

Posted 07 June 2021

OSM attends ISA's Skills Lab on Strategic External Communication

The Office for Strategy Management (OSM) and the Social Marketing Service attended Institute for Solidarity in Asia (ISA) Skills Lab Program on Strategic External Communication alongside 49 delegates from the health, security, and development sectors.

The Skills lab course was facilitated by Ms. Julienne Joven, co-founder of Fennel, a strategic communications and design agency, that specializes in working with “do-gooder” organizations, their partners, and communities.

Learn more of the course highlights that shapes organization branding and stakeholder perspectives here.

Posted 03 August 2021 | Featured in Journal Online

DSWD showcases operational innovations to facilitate better service delivery

With the Performance Government Scorecard (PGS) framework of strategy in place, the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) came up with organizational innovations to improve public service delivery.

Through the PGS, the DSWD was able to come up with its strategic initiatives which would help the Department reach its vision. Know more by clicking here.

Posted 03 August 2021 | Featured in Manila Bulletin

DSWD already put in place ‘innovations’ for better, faster delivery of ‘ayuda’

Under the PGS framework, the DSWD personnel are assisted in learning and enhancing their skills along with program development, policy and plan formulation, communication, and program implementation.

“After the PGS focals put the Strategy into action earlier this semester, innovations have spurred which showcased the creative and most of all, the DSWD May Malasakit brand,” the DSWD said. Read more of this feature here.

Posted 03 August 2021

DSWD partners with Multi-Sector Governance Council to achieve strategic initiatives

The MSGC is a body, comprising of external stakeholders from different sectors (advisers and partners), which monitors the performance of the Department as it works towards fulfilling its governance pathway for better public service. The MSGC also assists the Department in effectively utilizing its resources and create networks to keep its goals and objectives moving forward. Read more of this feature here.

Posted 22 June 2021

OSM kicks-off Virtual Governance Tours with DSWD Field Office Caraga

the Office for Strategy Management (OSM) held its first Virtual Governance Tour with DSWD Field Office Caraga. The objective of the activity is to check how operating units are able to mainstream the DSWD Strategic Objectives in its conversations, advocacies, commitments, and other daily activities. Moreover, this activity ensures the physical improvements (materials used and physical arrangements) of the office infrastructures/facilities to ensure successful implementation of programs and services, and accomplishing strategic objectives/targets.

During the virtual tour, Ms. Aldie Mae A. Andoy, Alternate Performance Governance System (PGS) focal person, shared the FO’s accomplishments on some of the strategic priorities highlighting the efforts along Technical Assistance & Resource Augmentation (TARA), disaster response & early recovery program, registration & licensing to SWDAs, Home for Girls (HFG) level 3 accreditation & Certificate of Excellence (COE), COVID-19 prevention & control action plan, and the PGS scoreboard.

The PGS tour was attended by the OSM headed by Director Jam Karess Z. Banzon, and the DSWD Caraga PGS Core team headed by ARDA Ramil M. Taculod. The FO was commended on various strategies implemented particularly the Operation Iwas Leakage and the inspiring stories of the HFG residents.

With everyone's commitment, efforts, and passion in delivering quality service to the people despite of these trying times, there is no doubt that the Field Office will be able to obtain it PGS Proficiency Certification. Follow DSWD Field Office Caraga on their PGS Proficiency Certification contributions to the DSWD by clicking here.

KUDOS DSWD Field Office Caraga for another milestone!

Credits: DSWD Field Office Caraga

Posted 07 January 2021

DSWD SULONG Recovery Plan 2021-2022 Approved

The DSWD’s strategy remains a greater purpose for the people we serve. As such, we need to continuously level-up our quality of governance and exemplify improved public service to help affected families and communities recover from these dark times and find strength and hope again.

Through the PGS, we pledge to continuously grow and transform so that we can further enhance the resiliency of our agency and keep providing excellent public service to our fellow citizens in need in the midst of this pandemic. Through these, we can bring more changes to our society and transform it as we envision it to be.

Now, DSWD SULONG Recovery Plan 2021-2022 has been issued as Administrative Order No. 17, Series of 2021-2028 as the DSWD's interim plan. Know more about it by clicking here.

Posted 08 February 2021

DSWD crafts SULONG Recovery Plan to meet challenges amid pandemic

DSWD, in partnership with the local government units, is at the forefront of providing social protection services to the poor and vulnerable sectors of society enabling them to cope with the challenges of the new normal... continue reading.

Posted 25 November 2020

Reflection, Rediscovery, and Resilience: Strategy Implementation Amid the Pandemic

We at the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) have been in pursuit of continued excellence as we relentlessly fulfill our mandate—to serve the poor, vulnerable, and the marginalized sectors of our society. To level-up our quality of governance and exemplify improved public service, we adopted the Performance Governance System (PGS) Pathways. The PGS... continue reading

Posted 04 November 2020

DSWD adopts the Performance Governance System (PGS) for a better public service

In pursuit of a more focused and responsive operations, the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) incorporated the Performance Governance System (PGS) within its organizational and operational processes to ensure optimum quality of service. The PGS is a holistic and collaborative framework for designing, executing, monitoring, and sustaining roadmaps to reform. It raises the ... continue reading


YENG CONSTANTINO AND QUEST - Kaya Ko Ang Pagbabago (Official Music Video).mp4

Posted 14 October 2021

"Mithiin, kaya nating makamit"

Our commitment to service is founded on a dream. A dream where Filipinos enjoy a comfortable life; able to freely explore development opportunities; and, are empowered by an accepting and facilitating environment.

The Department of Social Welfare And Development - as the lead agency in uplifting the Filipino people’s quality of life - continuously fights for this dream to be a reality amidst any adversity and this has been exemplified in our performance governance system journey. Watch the governance anthem of empowerment, achieved through a heart and professionalism in public service through the Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program.

Agency: Marcus Phoenix Media Production Corp.

Prod. House: Marcus Phoenix Media Production Corp.

Client: Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD)

Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program Social Marketing Division

Artists: Yeng Constantino and Jose “Quest” Villanueva III

Projects Directors DSWD: Joven Roy Santiago and Samuel Genita Jr.

Producer: Jonard Vital

Production Manager: Catherine Vital

Posted 25 February 2021

DSWD Secretary Rolando Joselito Bautista addresses the DSWD PGS Focals - 2021 Cascading Session

Everyone is a Governance Warrior. The Secretary addressing the DSWD PGS Focals on its 2021 Cascading Session. This is anchored to the Department's interim strategy - the DSWD SULONG Recovery Plan 2021-2022. Learn more about it here.

Posted 23 January 2021

Center of Excellence for the overall well-being of Older Persons

DSWD remains committed to doing its best to provide the underprivileged men, women, children, and the elderly in our society with facilities that are safe and conducive to their healing and overall well-being. Learn more about our featured Center of Excellence here.

Posted 21 December 2020

OSM 2020 in Review

Year 2020 for OSM began with a very strong start, as it was able to prepare the Basic Governance Documents in preparation for the PGS Proficiency Stage. However, due to the challenges brought by the COVID-19 pandemic to the Department, the PGS implementation along the DSWD Strategy 2028 was significantly affected.

The Champions of the Strategy through the PGS Core Team and the Multi-Sectoral Governance Coalition or MSGC was established. Heading now the MSGC is one of the stalwarts of evidence-based management - Dr. Celia Reyes of the Philippine Institute for Development Studies.

To ensure the alignment of the DSWD Response and Recovery Plan or RRP to the current strategy, the OSM conducted an on-line assessment focused on the plan design or elements and cohesiveness, content - referring to the alignment with the Department Strategic Focus and COVID-19 National Action Plan, and effectiveness or pertaining to plan implementation.

Its review was also one of the case studies presented in the Institute for Solidarity in Asia or ISA’s Skills Lab Webinar Series on the PGS Strategy Review alongside PGS Trailblazers and Palladium Hall of Famers.

Focused, collaborative, driven. This is Strategy Management in the new normal. We are the Office for Strategy Management. Click on the video to know more.